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" "I have looked at several other crossword creation programs, and this one is by far the best I've seen. What I particularly like: It is easy to use, I like the way that it does multiple trials, it is easy to import files of words, the shapes are nice (and I can make my own), and more."
--Phyllis, PA
This page contains Crossword Puzzles, Shapes and Layouts available for download. Solve these puzzles with Crossword Construction Kit. Use the Shapes and Layouts with Crossword Construction Kit when creating your own puzzles.

To use a puzzle collection with Crossword Construction Kit, click File and Open to load the collection file or click File and Import to import it into your existing puzzle file.

Puzzles Volume 1 (1,020K) Baseball, Easter, Magic Show, Outdoor cooking, Picnic Fun, Pool Time, School, Tax Time, Vacations, Winter Time, World Capitals, Yard Work
Puzzles Volume 2 (1.088K) Holidays
Puzzles Volume 3 (1,156K) Countries, States and Cities