New Puzzle Collection File
A puzzle collection is a collection of puzzles saved in one file.  You can organize your puzzles and save them into a group if so desired. Clicking on File | New Puzzle Collection File will allow you to create a new puzzle collection or .cw3 file. The window, Create New File Group, appears asking you to name the file and select the location of the file.

Open Puzzle Collection File
This option allows you to select which puzzle collection to open. The Open Puzzle Collection window opens so that you can select the file and the folder where the file is located.

This is a convenient way to open a previously used puzzle file. This option displays the last five puzzle files that were opened. Click on the file you want to load it into Crossword Construction Kit.


Use this function to import puzzles located on another drive, folder, file, etc. All puzzle files have a file extension of .cw3.
Export Puzzles

Export puzzles from the existing file to another location on the computer or network.



Print Puzzle
First highlight a puzzle to print and click on File | Print Puzzle. Or click on the Print Puzzle button. These methods open the Reports window where you can select the print options.
Printer Setup
This option opens a standard Print Setup window for selecting the printer, paper size, paper orientation and print properties.
Exit closes the program.


Crossword Construction Kit window > File menu