Network Considerations

This program is designed to distinguish between program folders and default folders. Normally the program folder and default folder will be the same. However, on a network with multiple users, this is not always desirable.
The default folder (normally specified as a network users home or data folder) retains all user created files. This includes the INI file for maintaining such items as colors, fonts and program defaults. The INI File also maintains the last used puzzle file meaning that each user can point to a different or their own puzzle file. All program dependent files are kept in the program directory. These consist of the main executable program, help and support files.
What does this all mean? It means that you can place the program in one folder on your network and by specifying different default folders for each user, you can have each user have their own personalized program configurations, created puzzles and shapes, yet only maintain one copy of the program on the network.
Please note that multi-user networking of this product requires site licensing.