Puzzle Collections


Crossword Construction Kit is capable of handling virtually an unlimited number of puzzles in an unlimited number of puzzle collections. A puzzle collection is a set of puzzles saved in one file on the computer. Puzzles may be saved in groups based on educational subject, family puzzles, church puzzles or any other grouping desired. The puzzle collection name is that of the file name. The file name uses a file extension of .CW3.
You can create new puzzle collections by clicking on File | New Puzzle Collection File. A standard Windows box appears requesting file name and in which folder to save the file.
You can easily access an existing puzzle group by clicking on File | Open Puzzle Collection File and following the path to the file.

If you later decide that a puzzle you created and saved belongs in a different file group, the puzzle can be imported into the correct group. While in the file group you want the puzzle to be in, click on File | Import and follow the standard Windows dialogs.
Export puzzles to a new puzzle collection by clicking on File | Export | Export Puzzles and following the standard Windows dialogs.