Puzzle Menu


The puzzle menu found on the Crossword Construction Kit window provides the following five options:


New Puzzle
Select this option to open the Create New Puzzle window to start creating a new puzzle. Or click on the New Puzzle icon to achieve the same thing.

Modify Puzzle
First highlight a puzzle that needs to be modified. Then click on Puzzle | Modify Puzzle to open the Modify Existing Puzzle window. This window allow you to make modifications to the puzzle selected. Or double click on the puzzle to begin modifications.

Copy Puzzle
Make a copy of the puzzle that is currently highlighted. Highlight the puzzle and click on Puzzle | Copy Puzzle. It makes a duplicate copy of the highlighted puzzle and opens the Create New Puzzle (copy of existing puzzle) window where you can make any changes to the copy.
The copied puzzle will be named the same as the original except the name will be followed with a number in parentheses, such as Title (1). After making changes to the copied puzzle, rename it to distinguish it from the original.

Delete Puzzle
To remove a puzzle from the puzzle file, first highlight the puzzle to be deleted. Then click on File | Delete Puzzle or the Delete icon. A dialog box opens to verify that you want to delete the puzzle. Click Yes to delete the puzzle or No to cancel.

Play Puzzle
Highlight a puzzle and click on Puzzle | Play Puzzle or the Play Puzzle icon. This loads the puzzle in a java format to allow you to solve the puzzle on screen.  


Send Puzzle to
Use this menu item to start the process of outputting the puzzle to paper, an image file or to the web.

Crossword Construction Kit window > Puzzle menu