Puzzle Player Options


Crossword Construction Kit window > Options > Preferences > Puzzle Player


Highlight a puzzle and click on the Play Puzzle button to open the puzzle player component. Use these options to modify the puzzle player. Note: These settings also function as the defaults for the HTML/Player Export option.


Puzzle Player Options

Show the 'Check Puzzle' button

This button lets you know if the words entered into the puzzle have been entered correctly or not. A red X is displayed over top of any incorrect letters.


Show the 'I Give Up' button

Click on this button to display all of the answers to the puzzle.


Show the game timer

A timer starts once the page is opened, displaying how long it takes to solve the puzzle. The timer stops when the puzzle is solved, showing the number of minutes and seconds required to solve the puzzle. Select this option to display the timer.



Sound Effects

Disable Sound Effects

The program will play back a sound  when  the puzzle is complete. If the I Give Up button is pressed, then another sound plays. Sounds may also play when a right or wrong answer is entered into the puzzle and the user clicks on the Check Puzzle button. Checking this box disables the sound effects so that they will not play back in the Puzzle Player.


Winner Sound

When the puzzle has been solved the winner sound plays back if the sound effects option is turned on.


Did Not Win Sound

If the puzzle was not solved completely and the I Give Up button is clicked, then the Did not Win .wav file plays, if the sound effect option is turned on.


Right Answer Sound

When the user clicks on the Check Puzzle button and there are no errors in the entries, the right answer sound file plays.


Wrong Answer Sound

When a word is entered incorrectly and the user clicks on the Check Puzzle button, the selected wrong answer sound file plays.


Each of the four sound selections defaults to the Surprise me (let the computer choose) option. The program will randomly play back one of the sounds available when this option is selected. Other choices include no sound, the built-in sound or select a sound of your choice from the drop down menu.