Upgrade Policy

When you purchased Crossword Construction Kit, you were supplied a License Key. It is important that you keep this key in a secure place as you will need it whenever reinstalling Crossword Construction Kit.
This license key is valid for any version 5.x of Crossword Construction Kit. Future revisions that bear the "5.x" identifier version, will generally be for minor enhancements and bug-fixes. Any release containing major new functionality will bear a different version identifier (e.g., 6.x) and an upgrade fee will be chargeable.
The prime location for new releases is the Crossword Construction Kit web site - www.crosswordkit.com.
If you do obtain a newer version of the product, install it over top of your existing version (into the same folder).
Note: Uninstalling and then reinstalling Crossword Construction Kit will not affect your puzzle file(s). Your puzzle file(s) will remain intact. However, as always, we recommend that you back-up your puzzle (.cw3) file(s) before uninstalling or reinstalling.