Puzzle Options


Crossword Construction Kit window > Options > Preferences > Puzzle Options


Clue Headers

Use this setting to display words other than Across and Down in the Puzzle Layout. If creating puzzles in a language other than English, insert the word equivalents in the appropriate fields. Note: This setting will only affect new puzzle layouts that are created. To change the headers of an existing layout, you will need to modify the layout.
The revised clue headers will also be displayed on a web site when exporting as an interactive puzzle.



Word Separator Characters

This option allows you to place certain characters inside words that will display in the puzzle. Use this option for puzzle answers that may be hyphenated or contain multiple words. You may want to indicate the word separation in the puzzle itself. 


Choose from 4 characters (a dash, slash, plus or star) and a user defined character. To make use of this option, select the characters you want to use and then place them in the words when you create the puzzle. 

Note: The default character in the User Defined field is a space. Alpha-numeric characters are not supported in this field.


The Puzzle Creation Attempts field allows you to enter a number from 1 - 999. The program will make "X" number of attempts to fit all words into the puzzle based on the number entered.