Page Layout

The Puzzle Page Layout window allows you to determine how the puzzle and its components will appear in print, in a playable puzzle or on a web page. A number of predefined page layouts come with the program. Of course, you can also modify existing layouts or create new ones.


Crossword Construction Kit > Edit > Page Layout or Create New Puzzle > Layout Button

The Edit box displays the names of the layouts currently saved to the program. It also displays the paper size associated with the layout. Highlight a page layout and its design is displayed to the right. The color coded keys show what each box in the design represents. The layout in Bold letters has been set as the default page layout. This is the layout that is selected by default each time a new puzzle is created.

Click on the New button to open the Page Creator window and begin designing a new page layout.


Import  / Export
Puzzle layouts may be imported and exported. A special file structure (*.PAG) is used for importing and exporting. Click on the export button to open a standard Windows dialog box to choose a name and location for saving the export.


To import the layout, click on the import button and retrieve the file from the location where it was saved. The import and export function allows you to swap puzzle layouts with friends and associates who also use the Crossword Construction Kit.
NOTE: Puzzle layouts do not embed bitmap, .jpg or .png images inside them. If you export a page layout and the layout contains an  image, then the recipient of the page layout will also need access to the image. The recipient will need to modify the layout so that it points to the folder where the image file is located.
If someone exports a puzzle and sends it to you, you may decide that you want to use the page layout that came with the puzzle. To retrieve the layout, click on the Extract button to open the Extract Page Layout from Puzzle window, which displays a list of all puzzles in the file. Select the puzzle that contains the layout you want and click on the Extract button. This action returns you to the Puzzle Page Layouts window and the new layout is added to the existing list. The layout retains the name of the layout extracted from the puzzle. If desired, use the Modify option mentioned below to rename the layout.



Right Mouse Context Menu
Right mouse click on the layout desired to view a menu of additional choices.


Set Default
When creating a new puzzle the program displays a default page layout. This is the layout that will be used with the puzzle unless a different layout is subsequently selected. Use this option to select which layout will be used as the default. The currently selected default layout is displayed with bold font.



Use this menu option to modify an existing page layout. This action opens the Page Creator window where modifications may be made to the layout. Or double click on the layout to modify.



Make a copy of an existing layout. This action opens the Page Creator window and renames the layout with a (2) after the original layout name. You can rename the layout, make any changes to the it and save. The original that you started with remains the same and another layout is added to the list.


If a layout is no longer needed, select Delete from the menu to remove the highlighted layout. A prompt displays to verify that the deletion should occur. Or press the Delete button on the keyboard to remove the highlighted layout.

The Select button is only available when selecting a page layout from the Puzzle Creation window or choosing to override a page layout from the Print Options window. Highlight the page layout desired and press the Select button. This action returns you to the previous window and the page layout selected is used.
Click close to exit and return to the previous window.