Puzzle Preview and Print

This page provides a preview of the finished product. From this window you can print the puzzle, save it to an image file in several different file formats or export to html.


Crossword Construction Kit > Print Puzzle Button > OK


Print Puzzle

Click on the Print button to select the printer and number of copies to print.

Save Image

Select this option to save the puzzle to an image file. A standard window dialog opens allowing you to name the file and select the location to save the file. A drop down list allows you to select from five different image file types as shown below.


Bitmap (.bmp) 

JPEG (.jpg)

PNG (.png)

Metafile (.wmf)  

Enhanced Metafile  (.emf)


Note: The dimensions of the bitmap, JPEG or PNG file saved are directly related to the image being previewed on the screen. For example, a "zoomed in" image in the Preview window will produce a larger bitmap image.

Copy to Clipboard
Use this option to copy the entire puzzle page to the Windows clipboard. The image is copied in a bitmap format. When using this option, the following dialog appears prompting the width (size) of the image to be copied to the clipboard. Enter the pixel width desired and press OK to copy the image to the clipboard.



Save Text 
This option provides a method to save the words used in the puzzle or the clues to a .txt file.


Export the words used in the puzzle to a .txt file.
Export the clues of the words used in the puzzle to a .txt file. The numbering of the clues is retained so that the text may easily be ported for use in another application. An example of the text file is illustrated below.


1. South Carolina

4. Montana

10. Massachusetts

14. Connecticut

15. Nevada

16. Rhode Island

18. Iowa

19. New York

21. New Hampshire

24. Oklahoma

25. Ohio

27. California

29. Maryland

30. New Jersey

31. Illinois

33. Tennessee

34. Louisiana

35. Alabama

37. Mississippi

39. Arkansas

41. Wisconsin

42. Hawaii

43. Georgia

44. Oregon

45. Vermont

46. Alaska

47. Florida



2. North Carolina

3. Wyoming

4. Missouri

5. Texas

6. Michigan

7. Washington

8. West Virginia

9. Colorado

10. Minnesota

11. South Dakota

12. Utah

13. Nebraska

17. Idaho

19. North Dakota

20. Delaware

22. Pennsylvania

23. Kansas

26. Indiana

28. New Mexico

32. Kentucky

36. Maine

38. Virginia

40. Arizona



Save Web

Click on this button to create a printable puzzle for posting on a web page or a playable puzzle ready for uploading to a web site.


A Printable Puzzle web page contains a puzzle that can be printed from your website.  A Playable Puzzle Page contains a puzzle that may be solved on the website.  Letters are entered into the boxes on the page.  Buttons allow you to check your work or display the puzzle with the answers filled in.


There are several options for viewing (changing the view) of the created puzzle.


Zoom Page Width

This option sizes the puzzle so that the width of the puzzle fills the Puzzle Preview window. It retains the puzzle in proper proportion.


Zoom Whole Page
This option reduces or enlarges the image so that the entire puzzle may be viewed on the screen without the need to scroll.

Zoom In or Out
Use the Magnifying glass images to either zoom in or out on the puzzle image. The zoom function moves in increments of 10%. The range varies from 10% of the original size up to 200% of original size. Or use the slider bar to zoom in and out on the puzzle image.

Zoom %
By selecting one of the view options mentioned above, the percentage of the view size is displayed in this field. Or manually type a percentage of the view size into this field. This field accepts entries of 10% through 200%. Press Enter to make the change.
Pixel Width
When a zoom size is selected, this field displays the width of the adjusted puzzle in pixels.