Puzzle Shape Exchange

Puzzle shapes may be imported and exported. A special file structure (*.LAY) is used for importing and exporting. The Crossword Construction Kit and the Word Search Construction Kit both use the same file structure. These files are interchangeable between the two programs. As a result, you can create a puzzle shape in the crossword program and use it in the word search program.
From the Crossword Construction Kit window click on Edit | Puzzle Shape to open the Shapes window. Then click on the Export button to open a standard Windows dialog. Select a name for the .LAY file and save to an accessible location.


From the Word Search Construction Kit import the shape by opening the Shapes window and click on the Import button. Retrieve the file from the location where it was saved.


Or export from the word search program and import to the Crossword Construction Kit.
You can also swap puzzle shapes and designs with friends and associates who use the Construction Kits.