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"I just wanted to tell you that your crossword and word search puzzles program are far superior to the ones in the educational software catalogues and much cheaper as well. We have bought some of them and they are JUNK."
-- Roz, New Jersey

"I recently returned to teaching science and found the puzzle program an excellent review of vocabulary words."
-- Frances, New Jersey

"I downloaded your 'evaluation' version to create a puzzle for my daughter's third grade class (she's a student assistant). This package impressed us so much that I am immediately ordering it. This program allows for customization that exceeds all others."
-- Steve, Illinois

"At last, the Crossword Maker I have been looking for!"
-- Neil, New Zealand

Playable crossword puzzle that matches a website
You may export puzzles for publication on your website with Crossword Construction Kit. Create puzzles visitors to your site can solve interactively online or make puzzles to be printed and used in a classroom or other environment. Puzzles can be on a plain background or, using a template of your website, can be made to match the design of your website.

Design your own crossword puzzles:
"The Best - most friendly one I've seen. I can teach users in five minutes." --J.H., Canada