Puzzle Shape Editor

Crossword Construction Kit comes with over 100 predefined puzzle shapes. In addition, you may create new shapes  or modify existing ones. You can also import or export the shapes to/from others using the Crossword Construction Kit or Word Search Construction Kit. Highlighting the shape name and dimensions displays the puzzle shape in the grid to the right.


Crossword Construction Kit >  Edit > Puzzle Shape or Create New Puzzle > Shape Button

Click on the New button to open the Shape Creator and begin designing a new puzzle shape.


Use this function to import additional shapes.  Click on the Import button to open a Windows dialog that allows you to locate other puzzles shapes for import into the program. More details are provided in the Puzzle Shape Exchange topic.
Select this option to export shapes. These may then be sent to friends, colleagues, etc.  Additional details are provided in the Puzzle Shape Exchange topic.


Right Mouse Context Menu
Right mouse click on the the shape desired to view a menu of additional choices.



Use this menu option to modify an existing shape. This action opens the Shape Creator window where modifications may be made to the layout.



Make a copy of an existing shape. This action opens the Shape Creator window and renames the shape with a (2) after the original shape name. You can rename the shape, make any changes to the shape and save. The original that you started with remains the same and another shape is added to the list.


If a puzzle shape is no longer needed, select Delete from the menu to remove the highlighted shape. A prompt displays to verify that the deletion should occur.

The Select button is only available when selecting a shape from the Puzzle Creation window. Highlight the shape desired and press the Select button. This action returns you to the previous window and the shape selected will now be used.
Click close to exit and return to the previous window.