Tutorials Introduction


These tutorials step you through the basics of using Crossword Construction Kit. Several video tutorials are also available online at www.crosswordkit.com/videotutorials.htm.



vThe Creating a Puzzle tutorial walks you through the basic steps of creating a puzzle and shows you the options available for puzzle output.

vThe Creating a New Shape tutorial demonstrates how to design a new puzzle shape for use with crosswords that you develop.

vThe Creating a Page Layout tutorial shows how to build a new page layout. See how to drop, place and size the puzzle, graphics and text components to make your own layout for print or export.

vThe Create a web page with a playable puzzle tutorial outlines the steps for posting a playable puzzle to a website.

vThe Create a web page with a printable puzzle tutorial steps you through the process of posting a puzzle online that visitors may print and solve on paper.

vThe Using HTML Templates tutorial details how to create a puzzle web page that matches your website.